France's New Working Permit

  • Do you want to work in France?
  • Set up a business rapidly?

Ask for the new residence permit: The "Competences and talents" card.

The French Government is committed to helping entrepreneurs and highly-skilled workers of all nationalities to set up and develop their business in France.

In order to facilitate your stay, new rules have been introduced.

The renewable "Competences and talents" card enables you to carry out a professional activity in France in connection with your project. It can be issued to any foreign national who, by means of their skills and expertise, is likely to contribute in a significant and sustainable manner to the economic development or the intellectual, scientific or cultural achievements of France. The "Competences and talents" card is issued for a 3-year period (which can be extended) and constitutes a valid work permit and/or authorization to register a new business.

Who might be eligible?

- Investors and entrepreneurs

- University graduates

- Self-employed professionnals

The applicant must submit a professional project which will be evaluated in the light of criteria including, but not limited to, education level, field of activity, development possibilities.

Family members (spouse and underage children) will be issued a "Vie privée et familiale" card. This card allows your spouse to legally work in France.

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