Mission Statement

Foster development and improvement of economic, commercial and educational relations between France and West Florida. Create business added-value services and support for our members, companies or individuals, keen to develop their activities and network between France and West Florida.

To achieve these objectives FRAMCO proposes the following

  • Program of Conferences
    We plan to have one 'Business Development Conference' every two month, focusing on important topics for our members and guests. Examples:
    - How to get support when investing in France / Tampa Bay Area
    - New Import-Export procedures in Europe
    - EURO currency : impact on your financial and commercial activities
    - Review of different industries
  • Advisory support
    FRAMCO will give an opportunity to all their members to become a primary contact for any outside company or individual looking for support, information or a business proposal/need. All members will also benefit from this internal networking and support opportunity.
  • Annual members contact list
    List of FRAMCO members (once agreement to be listed is given by member) for outside information. The FRAMCO members are primary recommended contacts.
  • Preferred rates for various services
    FRAMCO will negotiate preferred rates for their members. Objective is to review following opportunities: Tampa-Bay restaurants and hotels, translation services, language lessons, French trade commission in Miami services, legal and financial services…
  • Quarterly 'International Job and trainee review':
    Offers and demands in France, Europe, Florida and Tampa-Bay. FRAMCO will also help to expand the trainee opportunities for students from France and from the Tampa Bay.
  • FRAMCO and the other Business organization in the Tampa Bay
    FRAMCO will ensure tight coordination with all the other local and French business organizations and authorities. We will support activities and networking opportunities for the benefit of its members.

Overall information: support and services

French-American business terms booklet, Tampa Bay key information (Economy, useful contacts, cultural and business events), Trade shows in France and in Florida…

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